Monthly General Meetings 

Open to all our Members and usually held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month at 2pm, although the time may change occasionally so please do check.  Guests are welcome to attend on one occasion by prior arrangement with the Membership Secretary but then we would expect those guests to join our membership for further visits!  Enquiries to: 

Wednesday 20 July 2022

Thanks to our guest speakers, Jake Hume and his colleagues, for a very interesting 'Cyber Protect Presentation', focused on ways in which we can protect ourselves from cyber-crime and on line fraud.

Jake spoke about the latest scams, the methodology and techniques of scammers and cyber criminals and how we can stay one step ahead of them.

Here's a link  to a presentation containing some useful contacts supplied by Jake: 



Wednesday 15 June 2022

Guest speaker was Paul Barwick, a retired policeman, who recounted the events of 2006 when two Russian agents came to the UK with the specific intention of poisoning Alexander Litvineko. 

Wednesday 18 May 2022

Guest speaker was David Allen, a retired solicitor, who shared an enjoyable romp through the legal world as he told of encounters with raging judges, dotty clients, bizarre true life oddities and daft laws which are still in place.  

20th April 2022 - Annual General Meeting

Election of Executive Committee for 2022.  Followed by speaker Chris Jones, one of our members, who recalled  some very interesting and entertaining aspects of his career in journalism, including his 'Life at The Beeb'.

16 March 2022: -  

Our speaker was  Beverley Gibbs, one of our members with her presentation - 

  'Knees, Bones and Joints - a user’s guide'.

Did you know that by age 60, 90% of people in the UK have joint pain? 

In addition, osteoporosis (thinning bones) results in ½ million bone fractures per year; treating hip fractures alone costs the NHS £1 billion annually (source: Age UK, 2019). But it’s not all doom and gloom!  There are some simple diet hacks that can help our bones at any age.

Bev Gibbs is a recently-retired Nutritional Therapist and revealed the research-based secrets of bone health, what nutrients are needed and where to get them, and how diet could help manage any joint pain

16 February 2022: -

We were delighted to welcome Helen Fry as our guest speaker on her third visit to our U3a!

She has never failed to deliver fascinating talks on her WW2 spy books. This time she set the scene for her latest book, 'Spymaster'  - a truly fascinating account of Thomas Kendrick who was central to British Intelligence operations. 


19th January 2022: -

Jo Laurie presented an illustrated talk ‘Air Miss' with photos and her own cartoons of her career in the WRAF - not quite 'Private Benjamin' – but close!


15th December 2021: -

A Medieval Christmas’– Presented by Michael Brown

Michael, AKA the Medieval Gardener spoke about Christmas traditions, myths and plants of the medieval period. He performed, dressed in 14th century clothing and playing music on early instruments.


17th November 2021 - Quiz

Chris Jones, our very own Quiz Master, ran another of his highly popular and successful quizzes for our U3A members.   This was be a lively and entertaining event.


20th October 2021 -  The Origin of Pub Names

Terry Penny gave an illustrated talk on the origin of many of our pub names. The Red Lion is the most common pub name having changed from The White Hart and back again several times. This was a fascinating glimpse into the mysteries of our sometimes peculiar often spectacular pub names. ">Our first post-pandemic meeting saw 64 members at St Oswald's and another 40 or so on Zoom. 


15th September 2021 - ‘The Blood Runners’,

Our guest speaker was John McCombe who spoke  about this vital but often overlooked group of volunteers otherwise known as SERV: Herts and Beds Service by Emergency Response Volunteers who use their own cars and motorbikes, out of hours (often in the middle of the night) to deliver blood, human donor milk, and hospice requirements for the NHS.


Following that, we attempted to present our new website and communications system, but technical difficulties with the PC meant that although the system was working perfectly, those on Zoom could not see the screen, and eventually we gave up. 

Fortunately, there wasn't anything that could go wrong with the glass of wine or orange juice we enjoyed to celebrate our return to meeting in person.


18th August 2021 : -

 Talk Entitled: My great Aunt’s trek out of Burma in 1942

Last month Jenny Mallin gave a fascinating history of the British Raj, from the perspective of an several generations of her Anglo-Indian family.

This month, she is speaking about the time of the Japanese invasion of Burma, and how life can change overnight from being the wife of a British official living in high status in Burma, to a refugee facing an arduous trek through jungle, across high mountains and raging rivers at the time of the monsoon.



21st July: 2021 : -

Talk entitled 'My Family History'
 Jenny Mallin gave us a unique insight into a family of British ancestry who were living in India during the British Raj. She effortlessly throws light on the life and times of Anglo-Indians during this period. Spanning the 19th and the 20th centuries, a period of expansion and drama, her story covers the lives of five generations of women of one family, beginning with Jenny’s great-great-great grandma Wilhelmina.